14th - 16th September 2022

Museum of Liverpool, UK

Please find photos and information from our Electronics and Sustainable Socities Event, held in September 2022

1st Place Poster Prize Winner

Dr Ruomeng Huang was the first place prize winner of our poster compeitition at ESS2022. Please see below for information on the winning poster. Two-terminal memristor is one of the most promising neuromorphic artificial electronic devices for their structural resemblance to biological synapses and ability to emulate many synaptic functions. In this poster, Dr Ruomeng Huang and co-workers from the University of Southampton report the development of back-end-of-line SiC and highly ordered nanoporous SiO2 based diffusive memristors that are capably of emulate several vital synaptic functions of human brain such as PPF, SRDP and SDDP. Both memristor demonstrate short-term plasticity (STP) behaviour which is essential for temporal information processing. A physical RC system based on the memristor has been experimentally implemented to perform a pattern recognition task with high accuracy. This work presents an important advance diffusive memristor and its application in both memory and neuromorphic computing.