eFutures Steering Group

Prof. Roger Woods (PI), Queen’s University, Belfast 

Prof. Anthony O’Neill (Co-I) University of Newcastle

James Coombs OBrien, Portfolio Manager, EPSRC 

Prof. Merlyne De Souza, University of Sheffield

Prof. Piotr Dudek, University of Manchester

Prof. Kerstin Eder, University of Bristol

Dr Pantelis Georgiou, Imperial College, London 

Dr Hadi Heidari, University of Glasgow 

Dr Andrea Kells, Director of European Research Ecosystem, Arm 

Beth McEvoy, Network Manager, Queen’s University, Belfast

Prof. Geoff Merrett, University of Southampton

Dr Srinjoy Mitra, University of Edinburgh

Dr Ivona Mitrovic, University of Liverpool

Dr Robert Mullins, University of Cambridge 

Dr Elizabeth Rendon-Morales, University of Sussex

Nigel Rix, Head of Enabling Technology, KTN

Prof. Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, Imperial College, London 

Dr Hamza Shakeel, Queen’s University, Belfast

Dr Rishad Shafik, University of Newcastle

Dr Martin Trefzer, University of York

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